Italy Here I Come!

The last week of March will find me in Italy as a guest artist at the Vicenza Middle School located on the US Army Garrison in Vicenza. The students I will be working with are children of US Army personnel serving in Europe.

I will be conducting Indigo/Shibori workshops with approximately 200 children, teachers and volunteers over 4 days. On the fifth day I will do an adults only workshop with the Garrison’s Arts & Crafts Club.

The planning for this trip began last August when the school’s Art teacher, Ms Mann, contacted me to see if I would be interested in traveling to Italy to work with her students – of course I said YES! She had found me through an article about me in Calliope Magazine’s Indigo Issue

Ms Mann put in a lot of hard work to obtain funding for my trip – and my thanks go out to the different organizations on the base that made this trip possible!

Last week I shipped a 36lb box of workshop supplies to the base. This is the first time that I am not carrying pounds and pounds of materials and supplies with me. In some ways it is a relief – on the other hand I am anxiously awaiting word of the package’s safe arrival.

I will have two days of sightseeing in and around Venice at the end of my stay and am so looking forward to seeing the canals and eating the food.

This trip brings my love of the Silk Road full circle, as Venice was the birthplace of Marco Polo!

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