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Backstrap Weaver – Oaxaca, Mexico

 Oaxaca 2022

I am planning to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico at the end of January, beginning of February 2022, and need your support! Once again, I am seeking donations to help fund the trip. The purpose of this trip is to work with local artisans hit hard by the pandemic. I will be teaching several 2-day workshops during my time there.
The workshops will be free for the artisans.

Through this project I intend to reach 40 to 50 artisans, in turn, they will be able to reach out to others in their villages and teach them. These will be indigo workshops utilizing local ingredients. Participants will learn to make an indigo vat that is easy to maintain and long-lasting. And, importantly, I will be asking the participants to bring materials they traditionally work with.
It is important that the participants become comfortable using an indigo vat with the materials they work with whether it be wool, cotton, or silk! 

Each $25.00 donation will fund the cost of 1 indigo vat! Each $50.00 donation will fund a day’s lunch for the participants. Some of the money will go to food, lodging, and ground transportation while I am in Oaxaca. A generous donor has already covered my airfare!!

Many of you already know about my work over the past 20 years traveling and teaching free workshops to people in need. I am so grateful that I can continue to do this. But it can only happen with your kind generosity!!

There are lots of lovely rewards available!! Tax-deductible donations can be made through my fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas by using the following link:


Oaxaca 2022 Update Dec 7, 2021

The campaign is a quarter of the way to its goal!! Thank you to everyone who has donated!! Making a list and checking it twice!! Did you know that a trip like this takes a lot of logistical planning? Well, it does both on my part and the host organization! I just received an itinerary from Taller Teñido a Mano to look over and I must say that Eric and Elsa have done a terrific job of contacting artisans, putting together studio visits, and more. My schedule will be jam-packed and I am looking forward to every moment! There will be an amazing variety of artisans who work with hand-spun wool & cotton as well as commercial yarns. There will be weavers, dyers, hand spinners, and embroiderers coming to the workshops. I am also feeling very honored that the sons of two weavers will be taking my workshop – their fathers attended my workshops in Oaxaca over 10 years ago!! I remember them as young children, now young men!! There are also two visits to the mountains planned – San Pedro Cajonos and San Sebastian Rio. San Pedro Cajonos is a silk village where they raise the cocoons, spin the silk into yarn and weave beautiful naturally dyed silk products. In San Sebastian Rio there is a collective of about 200 spinners, weavers, and dyers. They produce naturally dyed products using their hand spun cotton.

Please consider donating to this project!


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