Maps of Kazakhstan

Here are two maps of Kazakhstan – an overview and a closer look at where I will be. (Click on the image for a larger view!)

After two days of travel I land in Almaty, spend the night and then fly to Shymkent where I will teach a three day workshop.

Then we drive to Shaulder where I will spend another three days teaching.

We drive back to Shymkent to catch a flight to Almaty.

On my off days I will have the opportunity to speak at one or two universities.

I leave in three weeks – still much planning to do!


I have been invited by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan to participate in a Carpet Weaving/ Dyeing Project as a Cultural Envoy.

It is such an honor to have been asked to participate in this program!

The project falls under the broader scope of the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation in which a local non-government organization has been awarded a grant to revive Kazakh carpet weaving traditions in southern Kazakhstan.  It will also help build life skills for the local women.

I will travel to two rural villages (Shymkent & Shauldere) to teach natural dyeing.

The skills of natural dyeing and carpet weaving have become as the country has been embroiled in war & strife for more than 100 years

I leave on March 26 and will return on April 5th.

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