Back from Turkmenistan

Turkmen woman combing wool fiber

Back in the USA!
I returned from Turkmenistan on Monday night – the trip was amazing!
Will have a slideshow ready to post soon.
The photo is from the Carpet Expo – it is of a Turkmen woman combing the fleece of the Saryja sheep. The wool of this fat-tailed sheep is used in the beautiful Turkmen carpets.


Turkmenistan Here I Come!!

Map of Turkmenistan

I was recently invited to return to the Silk Road! The US Embassy in Turkmenistan contacted me on March 2nd and asked would I be interested in traveling to Turkmenistan at the end of May. My answer was a rousing YES! I will be there during the International carpet conference, and will have the opportunity to speak to women entrepreneurs and meet with craftspeople.

Flag of Turkmenistan
Flag of Turkmenistan
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