Final Appeal – Just Hours to Go – Let’s Do It!


Okay this is my final appeal – with only hours to go to meet my goal the campaign needs to raise just $365.00

First, Thank You to everyone who has donated (some of you more than once!), helped spread the word and sent me wonderful e-mails!

Sometimes I think the hardest part of what I do is to ask people for money – but the reality is I, and many people like me, cannot do this kind of work without the generosity of others.

When I am on one of my trips I feel the presence of all of you, especially when things get rough – I think about all of you, your generosity, how you care about helping others less fortunate and I am able to draw strength from that.

So in these last few hours please get the word out –

Let’s raise that final $365.00!

Here is the link to my Indiegogo campaign:

Thank you,

Author: Linda LaBelle

I am a weaver and natural dyer who loves to travel.

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