Returning to India – need a little help!

I have had the opportunity to travel and teach in some pretty amazing parts of the world. Often I have to raise the money for the trips. I volunteer my time and raise money for travel expenses and materials. In the past few years I have traveled to Mexico, India, Rwanda, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan to teach natural dyeing, weaving, and entrepreneurial skills such as marketing and bringing a product into the 21st century marketplace.

Well I am about to embark on another trip – but this one is a little different – I am volunteering at a Children’s Home (orphanage) in India for 3 weeks, where we will be cleaning, painting, building and making a safe playground for the kids.

And I need your help to make this trip possible!

My Indiegogo campaign has reached 17% of the goal or $590.00 of the $3500.00 goal.

Here is a link to the campaign:

What will this money be used for?

The funds raised will help to pay my expenses to travel to India to volunteer at a Children’s Home (orphanage) for three weeks.

What are my expenses?


Ground Transportation

Art Supplies

Who is this trip through?

As a Whole Foods team member I applied for and was awarded the 3-week volunteer trip to India. The Whole Foods Team Member Volunteer Program will cover my food and lodging while in India – I must raise the money for the remaining expenses.

For the India trip Whole Foods has partnered with The Miracle Foundation.

Originally we (the team of volunteers) were scheduled to travel and volunteer at a Children’s Home near Varanasi.  Just a few days ago The Miracle Foundation asked that we instead travel to Tripura to a Home that has greater and more immediate needs. The Anwesha Children’s Home has 51 orphans – rescued from child traffickers and violent abuse.

Here is a link:

If 300 people donate just $10.00 each I will reach my goal

If 200 people donate just $15.00 each I will reach my goal

If 150 people donate just $20.00 each I will reach my goal

Thank you to those folks who have already donated, helped to spread the word and wished me good travels. While I still have a long way to go to reach my goal I believe that with your help it will happen!


Thank you,


Author: Linda LaBelle

I am a weaver and natural dyer who loves to travel.

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