Exciting News

I am so excited to share this news!

I have just been appointed to the position as coordinator of AWE – the Appalachian Women Entrepreneurs Program at HandMade in America. I will be working with women in four counties (soon to be five) in Western North Carolina.

I am replacing Yoko Morris, who has done a wonderful job with the program. She is much appreciated and will be sorely missed!

Appalachian Women Entrepreneurs Program

HandMade in America developed the Appalachian Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) program to support rural Western North Carolina women interested in creating or growing their small business.

The AWE program connects these women with one another, with resources and markets, in a place where quality jobs are few. The project stemmed from the understanding that the Appalachian counties of WNC are home to a higher percentage of small businesses and farms than any other area of the state. Many of these rural entrepreneurs are women who are creatively fashioning their livelihoods around sustainable, place-based enterprises.

To help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles often encountered in rural areas, the program has developed women’s business networks in several communities throughout the region. These networks connect women engaged in similar entrepreneurial efforts and provide access to business support services the women might not be able to find, afford, or access without such networks.


Author: Linda LaBelle

I am a weaver and natural dyer who loves to travel.

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